JL Football Limited Privacy Policy 

JL Football Limited (JL) take privacy of data and information very seriously particularly when it comes to our customers. The following document dictates the manner in which JL Football will use data collect by the company. 

JL Football will collect data from their customers in variety of different ways including but not limited to filling in forms on the website, filling in forms in person, via email, text, whatsapp and on the phone. Customers may be asked for names, date of birth, email, phone numbers, address and payment information. Photos may also be taken of session, permission will be requested on our online and hard copy sign up forms. 


How is the information used by JL Football? 

JL Football will use the data received by customers to send promotions which customers can opt out of if desired. All information will be used for promotional purposes to send customers information on different sessions that we offer. 

How do we protect customer information? 

All of the information gathered by JL Football is protected by JL Football directors. No personal customer data is ever distributed by anyone member of the JL Football team and we ensure that our data collections are protected securely to ensure your data is safe with us. 

What is JL Football Photo Policy? 

Promotional photos may be taken by JL Football to be used on our website and session advertisement on social media, leaflets, posters and more. All customers have the option to prevent JL Football from taking photos of the sessions if they so wish. Permission is always requested by JL Football whether that is on the Hard copy sign up form or the online form. 


Please ensure that you keep a copy of this form or you keep checking to see of any changes that may have occurred. 

If you wish to contact anyone at JL Football Limited regarding the above policy the details are below.


Liam – 07946152408 – liam@jlfootball.co.uk

James – 07920645305 – james@jlfootball.co.uk