We’re back! We've got an early Christmas Present for you!!

Its good to be back! We hope everyone got through lockdown without too much fuss. We‘re excited to be back doing what we do best!

We’ve been working hard to get all of our regulars booked back in for a few sessions before Christmas. Its going to be a busy few weeks for us but were ready for it after whats felt like an age off. If you haven’t booked a session with us yet for before Christmas then get in touch with us and well see if we’ve got any space for you!

Now onto our little gift for our Academy parents. Throughout the whole of December we will be running a refer a friend offer. If you refer a friend to one of our academies and they sign up fully after their free taster you will receive a 25% Discount on your next month of payments for the academy you’re currently signed up to! If you get more than one person to sign up to our academy your discount will be carried over so if you refer two players in December your payments will be 25% less for January and February for example.

Its just a little something from us to say thanks for the continued support throughout this difficult year and we hope that 2021 will be a good year for you all!

Our first session back is Thursday evening with the Bury Academy we will see you all there! Have a good week!


The JL Team

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